Home Sweet Home

Last night

We finally pulled in after 7pm last night. I must say that Dulce is one heck of a trooper. Two days in a row he stood in that trailer for 11 hours as we barreled down freeways, highways, dirt roads, detours, and our winding mountain roads without any complaint or problem. We were sure he would balk at loading up in Chapman yesterday morning not wanting to go another day, but he walked in calmly and munched on his hay.

I don’t know how I would have done this without Jessica Rummel coming along with me. Several times I told her she didn’t have to go, and I meant it. She has a lot going on. However, she was such a big help with everything that I’m relieved and grateful she chose to come. I needed someone that knew how to handle horses and how to pull a trailer through all of these crazy conditions, and she sure made this 2,800 mile trip easier. While we only found a few music groups that we both liked, and we completely disagree on vegetables, we totally meshed even though she turned my brains to mashed potatoes with some of her crazy logic about geography and how to pronounce things. She and I both were so frazzled by the constant downpour of rain, but we got through it all, and we brought home the sweetest horse out there.

I don’t even know how to express how happy I am that we went through heck and back to get him. It was all worth it. He is so cuddly and trusting. Last night when we got home, I cleaned out his hoof abscess, repacked it with a sugar/betadine/honey mix, wrapped his hoof, and put a boot on him, and he stood so quietly for me. He never tried to pull his hoof away once. Ever since we got on the road he’s been like that. He is such a good, calm, intelligent horse.

This morning Dulce is sporting his boot that protects his hoof.

Chaco and Harley went to the races when we pulled in. They ran laps around the pasture in glee when they saw that I brought home another horse. For right now they are separated by some panels as they get to know one another. Chaco dotes on him, and Harley is gently expressing how he is the boss around here. He seems like he is going to fit right in with Chaco and Harley. We’ll start working on bringing the three of them together here over the coming days.

Dulce and Harley eating breakfast

Chaco and Dulce having a moment

He lost a lot of weight due to an ulcer issue in his mouth and one in his hindgut. Now, it is time to focus on keeping those healed up, healing the hoof, and slowly but surely putting weight and muscle back on him. I started him on flax seed, beet pulp, and timothy hay pellet mash this morning. I also ordered some Copra, and he will get marshmallow root and aloe vera gel added to his feed soon. Taking it in slow steps.

Bill and Harley

I also want to thank my husband. I’m the one that takes care of the horses, so I really was asking a lot of him to do this for me when we went to pick up Dulce. He did an amazing job, and this whole thing never would have happened without his help and support. I also want to thank Heather and Brigham for coming down to see us, which meant the world to me, and for Heather’s constant support through all of this. I also want to thank everyone that has been following our trip and this blog. You cheered us on when we needed it the most; thank you.

Time to go out and work with the horses…..

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I'm an artist, writer, and a lover of thoroughbreds. I was born and raised in horse racing, and now I wish to help rehome them, educate people about how fantastic they are, and show what they can do.

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