You would think I’d take a picture of Dulce, but I didn’t. I’m struggling to write this blog as we drive out of Kentucky, because the countryside is so amazing. Beautiful rolling, green hills with budding trees everywhere. The rivers are all in their banks here compared to the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers and all of their tributaries. Beautiful thoroughbreds are everywhere. When I die, this is where I want to go for Heaven.

Dulce is a lot thinner than he was in the pictures I posted of him earlier due to the winter cold. It will take some time to get weight and muscle back on him. I’m looking forward to bringing him home and working on him and with him. I will change his diet to Flax Seed, Timothy Pellets, and Beet Pulp to get weight on him. I will let him rest for a couple of weeks to adjust to the altitude and keep him blanketed until our nights warm up. We will start with desensitizing work when he’s ready and do some groundwork over poles to start building up his muscle and create good balance on both sides of his body. Most importantly, we will get to know one another these next two weeks. He and I have quite the journey ahead of ourselves.

He was staying with his breeder in Paris, Kentucky, and we saw some amazing farms as we drove in including Claiborne. The road was narrow, old and lined with trees and horse fencing all around. Thoroughbreds grazed, ran and played over acre after acre of beautiful pastures. We felt like we drove into the past, into the all the rich history or thoroughbred racing and breeding.

After I said goodbye to Dulce last night at our first meeting, we went back to our room where my dear, pen pal Facebook friend Heather Dwire met up with us. She and her husband Brigham drove over two hours from Ohio to take us out to dinner. Heather is a lifesaver to me. She taught me so much about barefoot trimming, and she helped me get Harley’s hooves back on track. Seeing her meant the world to me. They took us out to this restaurant called Josie’s, and I went for all of the traditional Kentucky food. I had fried green tomatoes, which I haven’t had in years, and Kentucky Hot Brown. They were so delicious and made better by sitting with three good friends.

I didn’t sleep as well as I hoped. I kept feeling the road move beneath me. Eventually, I fell asleep giving thanks for everything about this trip, my friends, my husband, my horses, Jessica for coming with me, and for the ability to give Dulce a home.

Author: reenchantedOTTBS

I'm an artist, writer, and a lover of thoroughbreds. I was born and raised in horse racing, and now I wish to help rehome them, educate people about how fantastic they are, and show what they can do.

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