I haven’t posted any updates, because I’ve been doing taxes, which causes my brain to implode. Luckily, I had the horses to go out to and let it all go. Taxes are really hard for people that are right brained.

Chaco is doing great. He shows no signs of being sore, although I think this weather may bother him a bit. Chaco has a high tolerance of pain from living with those chips in his leg for two years. I’m learning his different ways of communicating before it shows up. I wish we could do more, but so much rain and snow has fallen, I decided to take a break until the weather dries out a bit. I’m not complaining at all mind you, we’re still in a drought, but I don’t want to push things if the dampness is affecting his joint. My main concern is keeping their hooves cleaned out and to make sure they can get out of the mud. All I can say is how grateful I am to have pasture.

Here I’m soaking Chaco’s hooves to clean them out of anything that could cause Thrush. Princess is always around the horses.

If you remember, Chaco had a horrible reaction to the antibiotic given to him after the surgery. Ever since I’ve struggled to get his bowel movements back to normal. He wasn’t having diarrhea anymore, but his pellets were way too mushy. He would get better, and then it would collapse. I tried several excellent probiotics, but they couldn’t get him over the hump. I tried cabbage, which helped some. The aloe vera gel, not juice, got him to about 90% of normal. What finally got him back to being regular was this wonderful probiotic called Priobiotic Wise by Wise Concepts, which I saw advertised in one of my magazines. Within one week, he’s at 100%. I highly recommend this to anyone who has a horse struggling with digestive issues.

Harley is always doing well. As long as I scratch his rump, he is a happy man. We may not be going off to do work, but we do a lot of walking work here at our place. Harley seems to love the challenges with the poles, and we work on strengthening his core.

My husband always asks me why Harley goes to the barn when it rains while Chaco seems to like hanging out in it. Well, Harley has been out in it his whole life, and he’s thrilled that he can get out of it. Chaco has been stalled most of his life, and he loves to run and play with the elements now. He still uses the barn, but he needs to get some playing done first.

It is amazing how just bringing something out into the air allows it to heal. By talking about my struggle with deciding to bring in another horse or not, I realized how I was ready. Then my friend Boni made one statement that basically said I would be honoring Shandoka by bringing in another OTTB. She’s right of course. He LOVED it when I brought Harley and then Chaco home. I don’t think there was a horse he didn’t like, and he was always sensitive to those that weren’t doing well. I remember when a little boy came to the fence crying; they just put his dog to sleep. Shandoka, towering over him, dropped his head to him and let the little boy cry on him. When Chaco wasn’t feeling well, he’d stand over him or make him walk around when he thought it was time.

I really do want to bring in another horse. I want to keep another OTTB from entering the slaughter houses, and I want to show everyone how amazing they are. Shandoka would want that, and so do I. I have some goals again, which I’ve barely said out loud, but I’m ready to figure out how to get there. I’m reshaping my goals for Chaco, because I want to keep it easy on his joints. I’m excited about what he and I can do together. Of course Harley will accompany him on this journey. They are a team effort.

I love working with horses. I love developing new relationships, and I fall in love with every horse I meet. If I could, I would work with them all.

So, I’m going to start looking for another horse to bring into our little herd. I have no plans for what this horse and I will do together, because I want the horse to show me what he wants to do. I want us to be happy together on our journey. I’ll let you know how it goes.

In the meantime, my friends’ mare had a foal this weekend. Derek Green delivered him, and I’m so proud of Derek. He did such a good job bringing this guy into the world. Derek calls him Bones. He was born looking like a one month old and already filled out! I’m totally in love. Here is a shot of cuteness for your week ahead.

A few hours old

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I'm an artist, writer, and a lover of thoroughbreds. I was born and raised in horse racing, and now I wish to help rehome them, educate people about how fantastic they are, and show what they can do.

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