Photostitch Embroidery

If you are interested in doing a photostitch of your racehorse, OTTB, horse, dog, cat, goat, loved one, I can give it a shot.

I am learning as we speak how to do photostitch. What I can tell you is that I need a picture with good lighting. If it is lots of dark shadows, it doesn’t turn out too well. At this time, the best looking photostitches I’ve done are in 8X8 inch format. The smaller you go, the less clear it is. However, I can try to make it work for something smaller. Also, these are stitch intensive designs. Most likely the design could range from 60k to 80k stitches. I finished digitizing a couple of designs of my horses, and once they are stitched out, I will post for you to get an idea of what might work for you. I think these are great ideas for memorials, jackets or wall hanging. I could stitch this out on some canvas, and you can wrap a board with it and hang it. I will be making pillows with images of my horses Shandoka and Mojo on them. They passed away, but I was thinking how the pillows could be memorial pillows. I am using zippered cases, so I can wrap some of their hair and insert it into the pillow. These also would be great on tote bags or denim jackets. I think they could also work on a hoodie. I don’t think they would be that comfortable to wear on a shirt, because due to the amount of stitches, the design is pretty stout after it is stitched. If you are interested, please contact me at

Below is my first stitched out design of a photostitch of Fish Trappe Road winning the Dwyer. For a short time, I will be selling this Photostitch of Fish Trappe Road to raise money for the rehabilitation of Fish Trappe Road and Mintz who were rescued from Puerto Rico and now are at their forever homes at They are both in need of a lot of help, so I will be donating 70% of the sales of these items for the next month to Racing For Home. If you would rather donate directly to them, you can go to I want to thank Adam Coglianese from Coglianese Photography for allowing me to use this photo of Fish Trappe Road winning the Dwyer for this design. You can visit their webpage at


Photo Fish Trappe Road

This fee covers the cost of the stitching at $1 per 1k stitches, hooping fee, which includes four layers of stabilizer, and the shipping of the item to you. You ship me what you would like me to stitch this on. It is 8X8 inches. I recommend a tote bag without front pockets, a zippered pillowcase 14X14 or 16X16 inches, or a denim jacket. I believe a dark color will really set this off.


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